A Year Of Brewing: A Look Back

For our very first wedding anniversary, my wife Stacey bought me a home brewing kit. Living in Denver has put me in the “Napa Valley of Breweries ” and naturally, after visiting a few I developed an interest in brewing. We were all about keeping things clean and simple so I got a Mr Beer kit (great starter kit and cheap too since it’s about $30). So with this kit I wouldn’t have to select grains, hops or do all the hard work that turns everything into wort….while at the same time allowing room for some creativity. Now that a year has passed, I’ve brewed 6 beer batches and each has a story of epic fail or surprising results. It allowed me to bring up a few conversations with a few other guys that are into homebrewing and had me go from not really knowing them really well to having a “brewing buddy” to talk to, so it’s been a nice payoff. Now that I’m a year in, here is in a nutshell how my rookie year of brewing fared so far:


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