A Tribute To Popular Movie’s Unsung Heroes

A Tribute To Popular Movie’s Unsung Heroes

Movies have heroes and villains, but most of the time there are some characters that just simply get overlooked. Today we pay tribute to the little man, the bit roles that stand out in movies dominated by larger than life heroes and villains. Today we salute Movie’s Greatest Unsung Heroes.

Dr. Harding from Jurassic Park- I meant to include Dr. Harding in my Jurassic Park Bad-Ass Movie Hall of Fame article, but kinda forgot about him. I can’t help but think this guy was penning up some anger. He’s out doing the job he’s PAID to do by treating the sick Triceratops and gets schooled by a few tourists that more or less pushes him to the side and take over and solve the mystery of the sick Triceratops. He also kinda seems to not give a crap. One point Ellie Sattler mentions that the dinosaur’s eyes are dialated and his response: “Well, I’ll be damned”. I’m not a vet, but I know anytime I have to get checked out, doctors usually look at the eyes just as a procedure….even if it’s for a cold.

The Goro Fanboys From Mortal Kombat- They are in a blink-you’ll-miss-it-scene, but these guys go crazy, they love the shit out of Goro….must be the grunting on his way to fight Johnny Cage. Goro fans are pretty much the ninja version of rednecks watching wrasslin’, but I really like the guys that show up at :30 and again around 1:50 into this video, they are too cool for ninja masks and probably cheer the hardest for Goro.

Uli from Die Hard- This guy looked like he was going to really make life difficult for John McClane. He didn’t do much and ended up getting shot 4 times  in the chest by McClane without really putting up a fight. Kinda disappointing, but he should be honored for not letting his sweet tooth go unsatisfied by stealing some candy bars in a time of intensity!

Walter “Dickless” Peck From Ghostbusters- This guy is almost as annoying as that coke addict Harry Ellis in Die Hard…but this EPA gnat really screws everyone in New York over by shutting down the containment unit after being told repeatedly by people way smarter than him to not touch it. But he’s a hero for being the object of one of the best movie put-downs ever.

“Penis Man” From Teen Wolf- I never had the privilege to be one, but being a movie extra seems cool but it probably wears off after the 10th take of cheering or reacting to the same crap you’ve seen all day long. The Beavers somehow has people that I’m convinced can’t even dribble a basketball right playing for them and watching the shooting is downright laughable (they look like they’re throwing darts or something, not even squaring up to shoot right). Somehow they win,  Micheal J Fox didn’t use the wolf persona to do it and everyone is happy and cheers, but right before the credits one daring extra decided to whip it out at the very end in all it’s blurry glory. It was one of those things I never noticed until it got pointed out at me and now it sticks out like a sore thumb…or a whipped out penis.

Hat Lady/The Autograph Guy from Life Aquatic- I love the Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. The first movie screening with Steve Zissou’s film has some cool people and nearly all of them are awesome. First there’s hat lady who really flaunts some kick-ass style with her giant hat and then there’s this creepy sounding elderly autograph seeking fan. I still giggle over how many pictures he makes Steve Zissou sign….his voice also sounds funny too for some reason, gets me every time

Jek Porkins from Star Wars: A New Hope- I cannot stress how much I love that once upon a time George Lucas relied less on dumb cartoon rabbits (Jar Jar) for giggles and more on things like naming the fattest pilot in the rebel fleet Porkins. Porkins is freaking awesome!!!

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  1. HAHAHA.
    I love Porkins! And I do genuinely love Dr. Harding, I missed him in the film adaptation. (Along with Wu, who was also truly awesome.) Uli was hilarious in his candy stealing scene as well.
    All good choices.

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