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Before “Hold the Door”:  6 Other Times TV Made Us Cry


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If you caught this weekend’s episode of Game of Thrones, you may understand why some fans came to work on Monday really bummed out.  If you’re not caught up just stop reading now and come back later…this article will wait for you.

Sundays’ episode “Hold the Door” sent shockwaves so strong that you merely have to simply ask someone to “hold the door” to see if they are a Game of Thrones fan or not. If they comply, they are not but if they curl up into a ball and sob like a baby, you’ve got a heart-broken fan on your hands.

So given how depressing Sunday’s episode “Hold the Door “ turned out being for fans of Game of Thrones, I thought it’d be fun  and a good way to get over the grieving process to go through other times a TV show brought on the man tears….or at least brought one to the brink. Let’s bring on the sadness:

dinosaurs finaleDinosaurs Finale- So I was 8 or so when this show ran. It had 2 things I really like; Dinosaurs (yes!) and Jim Henson puppets (yay!). While I was too young to get the adult jokes or really understand the mating dance episode, I as a kid loved Baby Sinclair….now I find him annoying as hell but he was great to Kid Brad!

So you might want to ask how a show made famous with a baby dinosaur banging his lumberjack dinosaur father in the head with a frying pan while chanting “Not the Momma!” ends right? We all know what eventually happens to the dinosaurs but a light hearted show targeting kids could just end with a fun family outing or something but instead it decides to go for the kill…literally. The finale focuses on how the Dinosaur’s meddling caused a species of beetles to go extinct and it completely wrecks the ecosystem. A plan to fix things goes awry and prompts a sort of nuclear winter of sorts and the episode ends with the Sinclair family hugging it out as darkness and snow signal the arrival of the ice age and the rapidly to come extinction of the dinosaurs. Way to end on a high note fellas!

Sadly, this isn’t the only time the show played around with extinction. There was an episode I vividly remember where the last species of Grapdelites (don’t worry I had to Google what they were called) are bought as an intended anniversary dinner. Of course they were cute-ish talking mammals and you hold out hope for them getting through and right when things look up for the Grapdelites to make it out safely they are handed over to Earl’s boss for protection they are promptly eaten by him. Would’ve been maybe funny if it was just 2-3 minutes to build up, but not a full episode of getting to know the little mammals.

Dinosaurs was a damn brutal show! (Also as an adult revisting parts of the show, it’s clear that Robbie “practicing” the mating dance in his room all by himself was all about masturbation haha)


SuicideJackLOST “Through the Looking Glass” – Lost is probably the first show I REALLY geeked out on. I watched it live weekly, I threw a shit-fit if I was scheduled to work when it was on, I would talk to my friends about it and come up with theories, and so on. It was very much a lead-in and set the bar for future shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Walking Dead”.

In the Season 3 finale “Through the Looking Glass” we see an adventurous episode with the usual “Flashbacks” of a character’s life before they wrecked on the island. Jack (Matthew Fox) gets the treatment in this episode and he’s VERY different from all his prior flashbacks and the present day hero we’ve come to known on the island. This version of Jack is an emotional wreck, depressed, has a wonderful depression beard, steals pain meds, attempts to commit suicide off a bridge, ect. It’s not until the final moments we realize this is a “Flash Forward” of his life off-island and we also realize Matthew Fox is one of the best damn Man Criers ever. Bearded Jack rules! But that’s not what makes the episode sad. It’s totally when Charlie (Dominic Monaghan)   sacrifices himself to save Desmond (Ian Henry Cusick) with that now very sad, famous “Not Penny’s boat” sharpie warning.

not penny's boat

“The Constant” is more of a sobbing happy-sad tears producing episode but is by far the best episode of the entire series and worth a mention too. This entire series packs on a TON of sad stuff up til the very end.

my screw upScrubs: “My Screw Up”- So sometime around 2005 or so, I read a special article in a now-defunct magazine called Giant (basically a geekier version of Maxim…which then changed formats to R&B music and then shut down) anyway there was several articles praising Scrubs with best episodes, awesome photo shoots, ect. After reading, I was curious to check the show out and what I found was a goofy Simpsons-like series taking place in a hospital but every so often, the series throws a nice gut-punch here and there. None hit harder than “My Screw Up”.

The episode starts out fun with Dr. Cox hanging out with his best friend and brother-in-law Ben (Brendan Frasier) and planning his son’s upcoming birthday party. He becomes annoyed that Ben hasn’t been to a doctor since going into remission from his Leukemia diagnosis from a few seasons earlier and leaves him with an already swamped J.D. (Zack Braff) who’s handling a difficult heart patient to be checked up on.  Shortly afterwards, we find out that J.D. loses one of his patients and then we see Dr. Cox go completely ruthless suspending J.D. and virtually living at the hospital taking on his and J.D.’s patients while Ben tries to sooth him over. It’s not until 2 days of almost endless work that we see Dr. Cox arriving at what we think is his son’s birthday only to be sucker punched when it is revealed that Ben was the patient that died and everything after was just Dr. Cox imagining Ben being alive as he arrives to his funeral.

In a show with some great gut-punches, this was definitely the best one….it’s also my personal favorite episode of the show.

feenyBoy Meets World Finale– This was the definitive coming of age series in the 90s. We watched Corey Matthews and friends grow up and followed them through middle school, high school and college. It was sort of like the movie “Boyhood” before “Boyhood” existed.  We end the final moments of the show as Corey, Topanga, Shawn and Eric meet in Mr. Feeny’s classroom one final time for some of his endearing advice. It was a great moment. We all could use a Mr. Feeny in our lives to guide us, teach us and so on….realistically though we’d probably freak out if he seemingly followed us throughout all our lives as our Neighbor, Middle School teacher, High School principal and College professor.

picard fluteStar Trek TNG: “The Inner Light”– Yeah…you know which one this is Trek fans. Captain Picard basically lives an entire life during 2 minutes of being zapped unconscious. A life filled with family, kids, happiness and finally old age but then he’s taken back to the present where he has almost none of those things but the full memories of that lifetime. He also plays a song on his flute at the end.  It was a much sadder moment than this Rick and Morty moment.

jurassic barkFuturama: “Jurassic Bark”- You better believe that a cartoon dog will make you ultra-sad. There’s a lot of debate on if this or “Luck of the Fryish” is the sadder episode. Basically in Jurassic Bark, Fry finds the remains of his beloved dog Seymour from the year 2000 and the episode is a back and forth toss between Fry’s happy days with Seymour and the present as Fry attempts to clone his dog (possibly with his memories and personality). It’s only at the end when the Professor carbon dates Seymour to have lived 12 years after Fry was frozen. Fry decides to not go through cloning as he was only a small part of Seymour’s life. In a final flashback we see that Seymour lives the rest of his life missing Fry in front of the pizzeria where Fry told him to wait for him to return (click that link at your own risk…you may sob) If that doesn’t depress the hell out of you, you better go see the Wizard of Oz and ask for a heart because you apparently don’t have one!

Pair this episode with “Luck of the Fryish” if you really want to be bummed out. For a cartoon that brings on the laughs, Futurama specializes in making you cry like a bitch no matter how macho you feel.

Yeah….this didn’t help much. It just made me sadder. Oh well here’s a picture of a kitty dressed as a doctor to help cure sadness

doctor kitty