The Future That 2015 Didn’t Deliver: A Comparison of Our 2015 to Back to The Future 2’s Version

2015 hill valleyChin up McFly!  So it turns out that 2015 isn’t like the one visited in Back to the Future 2, and to make things sadder, we don’t even have the Ride anymore. With the day Marty visits the future finally passing, people excitedly celebrated Back to the Future Day last week and all demanded their long awaited Hoverboards and Pepsi Perfects (the latter did become available but a lot of nerds were sad when a glitch had them sell out early) and the Jaws franchise is still 15 movies behind. Honestly, we had a lot of cool things to look forward to. I totally feel ya! The film did predict a few things perfectly and others not so much, but there are a few things that we can compare the other 2015 to with our 2015 to see which one is better! Here we Go!! (READ MORE)