6 TV and Movie Families We Were Better Off *NOT* Meeting.

lifedaySometimes after seeing a movie, we want to see what a character’s family might be like. Usually it pays off: Greg Focker’s parents were fun, we enjoyed meeting all the Assholes in Spaceballs, Indiana Jones’ son Mutt wasn’t bad (the movie was), and Jack Sparrow and Austin Powers both had fun fathers to meet. Usually we get to meet a character’s family by way of sequels or via a spin-off movie or TV show. Spin-off movies and TV shows have something of an interesting win-loss record. Family Matters, Frazier, Daria and Darkwing Duck were all Spin-offs that arguably equated or overshadowed the shows and movies that they spun-off from. However, sometimes meeting the family isn’t what it’s all cut out to be. Here’s 6 of them we were better off not meeting: (READ MORE)