15 Things That “I Love The 2000s” Apparently Didn’t Love…But I Did

2000sVH1 once again put on the rose colored glasses to take a look at another decade with their popular “I love the…” series. Previous installments focusing on the 70s, 80s and 90s became popular hit series. This time around we take a look back to a decade that ended just 4 years ago with “I love the 2000s”. It’s easy to argue that not enough time has passed for the nostalgia to settle in, but to be fair, I must point out that they took a look at the 90s in 2003 or so, which at the time seemed to be too soon to reflect back then.

However, one of the many problems with this new series is that they kind of already did this show back in 2008 with “I love the New Millennium” before the decade even ended which covered 2000-2007. I vaguely remember watching a little bit of it and not ever tuning back in for the rest of the series due to it seeming too soon to look back on things that happened only a few years before. So due to that desensitization,  I wasn’t as pumped for this new series as I remember being with the prior incarnations. As a pop culture blogger, I did my duty and watched the full series and while I’m glad that some events were covered, there were plenty of events ignored that I wasn’t too happy about. So here’s my list of what I felt like would have been great inclusions. (READ MORE)

Dispatches from Denver Comic Con Day 3: Saying “Cheese” with Bruce Campbell and hearing the voice of Batman (and Tigger too)

IMG_3787Sunday is the shortest and final day of Denver Comic Con. It’s the day that the last of the big panels wrap before 3pm and the exhibit hall shuts down 2-3 hours earlier than the other days. Still reeling from yesterday’s awesome hurricane of events, I was glad that today was largely a “relax day” for us. Last year we had to show up a good hour ½-2 hours to score wristbands to get into some of the bigger panels like George Takei or William Shatner. This year, we didn’t have that to worry about, but just like the year before, Sunday we enter the con extremely exhausted after 2 days of celebrating pop culture. Despite the exhaustion, I still very strongly advocate buying a weekend pass rather than the single day tickets as it’s the better value. I also like having the option to decide if a certain day is a “panel day” or a “explore the floor” day. (READ MORE)

Dispatches From Denver Comic Con Day 2: Talking weird mating rituals with The Oatmeal and Bruce Campbell!!!

iron giantDenver Comic Con has been around for 3 years and each year seems to get bigger and better. Guests change, vendors change, and policies even change. However, one constant is that Saturday has always been the definitive date of the convention. It’s usually when the biggest panels occur, the cosplayers are at their fullest numbers, and so on. Today was no exception. This was the day that the Con was in full effect.


Dispatches From Denver Comic Con Day 1: Morphin Time with the Power Rangers and Singing with Levar Burton

lego batDenver Comic Con is here once again and like the past 2 times, I’ll be doing day-to-day coverage of this weekend’s ultimate pop culture party in Denver.

My wife Stacey and I began our day early (at least for me anyway) as Denver Comic Con officially opened at 10 am this morning (much earlier compared to starting on Friday afternoons in previous years). Having a new puppy has added an extra hour into our morning routine as we needed to take Faraday on his morning walk and drop him off at his “human grandparents” home to be cared for while we were gone. To answer any questions; Yes, we named him after the shaggy haired twitchy character on Lost, but my wife tends to default to saying he’s named after Michael Faraday (a scientist famous for studying electromagnetism) since she’s a research assistant.  Halfway to my in-law’s place I realized that I made a really dumb mistake and left our badges at home. Shit! And I forgot to grab a sharpie as well. Shit! Next to our car having issues starting and delaying us by 15 minutes, we are now also looking at a good 30 minute delay to our planned schedule. Shit! Shit! (READ MORE)

Summer Movie Blockbuster Reviews (Pt. I)

summerblockbustersSummer is often times a beloved time of year. It’s when we trade out pullovers and scarves for shorts and flip-flops, winter hats for sunglasses and we start to see less dramatic movies and more movies with explosions and superheroes. While the Academy Awards typically focus on the holiday movie releases and ultra-dramatic films, I feel that summer is when the movies are the most fun. This is typically when all the big guns come out figuratively in the form of mega-blockbusters and literally in the form of explosive action movies. With Summer just starting, I thought that I would weigh in on what movies already came out and maybe touch on some that I’m looking forward to. I have yet to see a few other films such as Neighbors, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Maleficent, or Edge of Tomorrow. However, I did see some of the big movies so far, of course 75% of them in this review are based on Marvel super-heroes, but really in the last few years superhero movies have dominated the theaters. Here’s part one of my summer movie reviews: (READ MORE)