Brad Cooks! Entry 1: Pumpkin Soup

Fall has finally arrived and while the leaves start to fall and the air gets cooler, soup cravings begin to happen. Since it’s coincidentally jack-o-lantern carving time, why not break out the old stockpot and put those pumpkin cut outs to use?

This is a new column that I decided to start posting on here. Something new to break the mold a bit from the usual rants about movies, comics, TV or general pop culture stuff; why not? Geeks gotta eat too! For the first installment, I decided to answer a few requests for a pumpkin soup that I make. Next to a mushroom shitake bisque, this is probably my most popular thing I cook. I wouldn’t say my pumpkin soup is “famous” because people say that a little too liberally about recipes, but it’s been around in a few social circles. Anyway here goes: