Memory Lane IV: The Quest For Nostalgia

In my goal to try to have more posts on this site, I decided the other night to compile another Memory Lane segment. They are easy to write, I can make some awesome and funny homages to my life as a product of the 90s and 80s, and this crap is awesome and fun to rant about even if nobody reads my site anymore! So as with all my entries in this series there’s a few rules (because I feel it enhances the articles)

1. I must be buzzed and I need to find things that were cool back in the day and just go on a crazy rant about them (mostly this is like a fun porch talk or bar talk being re-created). Don’t judge me; F. Scott Fitzgerald did this too and he made The Great Gatsby as a result….my “work” isn’t even required reading.

2. I can in no way or form add things to the list the following morning when I edit the articles. So for example, when I get some sleep and think “oh I should have added that that 90s rap group Tag Team’s song “whoop there it is” to the list”….I can’t do it as it is against the rules.

Anyway hoping this doesn’t grow stale anytime soon (mostly b/c it’s easy to write and probably the most popular series on this site) here’s my latest late night adventure down Memory Lane:


Summer TV 2011: (aka The Shows That Will Keep My DVR Busy)

Summer used to be known as the time of year when all the re-runs play. However, it’s become a pretty nice launching pad for programs in recent years. While it may have generated absolute crap (V) and sometimes it killed shows that I did like (FlashForward, I may have hated the idiot FBI Agent Mark, but Simon was awesome!! I also kinda sorta miss American Gladiators, is that wrong?) this summer looks to have a few shows to keep us entertained while we await the return of fall programing. So here’s a few things that I’m telling my Tivo to record over the next couple of months….and a few shows that will never show on my “To Do” list:


6 Alien Races That I Hope Are *NOT* In Star Trek 2

Star Trek 2 is expected to hit theaters late next year and I for one am really pumped about taking another cinematic ride aboard the USS Enterprise. However, having given us a pretty good movie with Romulans, there’s been a lot of speculation over who Kirk & Spock will face off against in the next film. Rumors have been that Kaaaaaahhnnn!! or Klingons will be the next baddie. For me personally, I’m hoping we see some Klingon action solely after seeing the deleted scenes from the last movie (which sorta explains what Nero’s been doing for 22 years!! Plus i kinda like the helmets), but whatever J.J. Abrams does, I hope he doesn’t include the following alien races in the next movie:


A Year Of Brewing: A Look Back

For our very first wedding anniversary, my wife Stacey bought me a home brewing kit. Living in Denver has put me in the “Napa Valley of Breweries ” and naturally, after visiting a few I developed an interest in brewing. We were all about keeping things clean and simple so I got a Mr Beer kit (great starter kit and cheap too since it’s about $30). So with this kit I wouldn’t have to select grains, hops or do all the hard work that turns everything into wort….while at the same time allowing room for some creativity. Now that a year has passed, I’ve brewed 6 beer batches and each has a story of epic fail or surprising results. It allowed me to bring up a few conversations with a few other guys that are into homebrewing and had me go from not really knowing them really well to having a “brewing buddy” to talk to, so it’s been a nice payoff. Now that I’m a year in, here is in a nutshell how my rookie year of brewing fared so far: