2.0 Is Live!!

You may be wondering why Iron Man’s Mark II armor is on this page, or you may just  want to know what the hell happened to the site. Over the week PopCultureAsylum.com has been under a state of re-design. Just like Tony Stark, we took what we knew from a lesser model and created a better model of something. Granted that the second Iron Man suit kinda sucked due to not being able to fly very high without screwing up, I’m pretty confident about this new “model” for PopCultureAsylum.com. The old site is still around because I simply did not want to redo the last 3 months of articles and reviews, so those will stay on the old layout and everything, plus I’m lazy.  However, this new version of the site will have a lot to offer, most of which can be found in the previous post below

Good things are about to happen here at PopCultureAsylum.com! If you haven’t joined our fanpage at Facebook, you should give it a look. We’re counting down to Halloween/Premiere  night of “The Walking Dead” by posting almost-daily zombie links. A few treasures include a zombie dog, Lego zombies, and much much more!

Thanks for stopping by & above all, stay classy!

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