Craft On Tap: Making The Ultimate Winter 6-Pack


Snow-Beer-Fridge1As winter breathes down our necks and the Holidays in full swing, many of us may turn to beer to relax with all our time off from work. In an ongoing mission to guide you in a beer-Jedi-sort-of-way, I’ve compiled another list to make a “custom 6 pack” of winter beers (unlike most six-packs this will list a few bombers as well). As before, I am a strong believer in supporting your local craft brewery, so above all, this should definitely be a companion to drinking the local stuff.

Like the autumn column, there’s 3 key stipulations/things to disclose about the selection process:

The beers have been tasted (there’s so much beer, so little time/body limitations to try them all…plus it’d be bullshit to rattle off beers that we didn’t try first). So in other words “duh!”

  1. The beers can be found in stores (there’s plenty of breweries that are “on-tap only” that I’m fiercely loyal to, but unless you live near us, this list won’t help you out much, plus it isn’t designed to provoke a “I have better places to drink than you” pissing contest), so these can hopefully be found in your local stores as well.
  2. The beer is distributed to Colorado. That’s where I’m located and hence where I buy my beer. This stipulation also obviously mirrors stipulation number 1. There’s plenty that I tried at the Great American Beer Festival and wish that came this way (I’m looking at you 3 Floyds, Sun King, Cigar City, Jester King, Heavy Seas and Brooklyn Brewery!!) Needless to say, I’m sure there are possibly some blasphemous omissions from the following lists, but there’s also a very good chance that it hasn’t been tried or made available out here. Plus you can sound off below in the comments!

Anyway onward to the beer! (Click for FULL STORY)

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