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Anticipating “Skyfall”; PopCultureAsylum‘s Top 6 007 Movies

Posted on November 6, 2011 by Brad

Earlier this week, the upcoming 23rd James Bond movie details were announced at a press conference in London. The next movie will be called Skyfall and the plot is described  as “”Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.” Joining Craig-Bond will be No Country for Old Men creepster Javier Bardem and Lord Vordemort  himself Ralph Fiennes!

While it’s a full year til Skyfall hits theaters, I can’t wait to see James Bond back in action (especially since it was delayed due to problems with MGM). To help get through this next year; I will probably have to revisit all 50ish years worth of the franchise and I thought it’d be fun to make my own version of the other hundreds of “best-of-Bond” lists. So here’s my top 6 movies:

6.) The Spy Who Loved Me

I always feel like I’m talking about some spy-dude having a crush on me when saying this title out loud…so I usually solve this by pre-facing the title by saying “The James Bond movie”, as to avoid any confusion if I were to say “I love The Spy Who Loved Me” and bypass that “There’s still time Bradley; it’s not over til it’s over” or “hmm awkward…does your wife know about this Spy-dude crush?”

With that said, this movie is awesome! Jaws is introduced as possibly the best henchman this side of Oddjob. In Spy Who Loved Me, he’s more of a unstoppable killing machine, and had a very awesome skydiving fight with Mr. Bond in the opening scene of Moonraker and of course, he gets shot in the head with a nail gun in Happy Gilmore. Almost as awesome as Jaws is; Bond’s submarine converting Lotus! (True story: I was very excited when I visited Keswick, England because they had a sign advertising a 007 museum with this car featured…but the museum was closed down and the cars were relocated to Florida.) Finally, it has probably one of the best Bond theme songs too.

5.)From Russia With Love

This one is reportedly Sean Connery’s favorite movie in the series and it’s not hard to see why: this is the movie that would try to set the trend for all future James Bond movies.  We get our first opening credits with nude sillouettes, we get to see Q, we’re introduced to SMERSH and Blofeld, and that whole steamy “wearing just a choker” bed scene with Tatiana Romanova is one of the most famous Bond-girl moments (which is said to be a scene many future Bonds and Bond-girls would replicate in auditions).

The movie is admittedly slow in comparison to it’s predecessor Dr. No and it’s successor Goldfinger, but it’s still a fun watch. Not to mention, Connery returned to the role of James Bond 42 years later just to lend his voice in the very fun video game adaptation released in 2005.

4.) Dr. No

The first Bond movie is also one of the best movies. We got many of the elements we would come to love 22 movies later: Sauve James Bond, bad guys with awesome hideouts, bad guys revealing too much about their ultimate plot, endless action, adventure and who can forget Ursula Andress’ slow emergence from the ocean in that white bikini?

This is the one that started things rolling and the momentum has continued now nearly 50 years later.

3.) Casino Royale

Being raised in the Pierce Brosnan era of James Bond, I was feeling what people undoubtfully felt when Sean Connery was first replaced as Bond. I wasn’t familiar with Daniel Craig, and I felt he was “Too Blonde to be Bond”….however the opening minutes of the really cool bathroom fight (with a new spin on the famous Gun Barrel opening) and the parkour chase made me do a full 180 and gladly eat crow.  Bond wasn’t afraid of fighting dirty in this movie and for that I declare Craig-Bond only 2nd to Connery.

The followup got mixed reviews, however as it wasn’t as captivating as the first Craig-Bond movie, I didn’t feel like I wasted money watching it, nor buying it on DVD the day it came out. With that said, I’m convinced Skyfall will be amazing! C’mon November 2012!!!!

3.) Goldeneye

This was a very important James Bond movie for me. It was the first “new” James Bond movie for me (Although both Dalton-Bond films and The Living Daylights were around; I was a toddler when those came out). So with this being the first Bond movie I’ve ever seen, it was also one of the best! I sometimes still shout “YES!!! I AM IN-VEENCE-EBILE!!!!” when I do something cool. Also who could forget that awesome N64 game that re-defined the multiplayer first person shooter genre? So many beloved memories of talking about that film with some of my classmates; we were only 11 but we knew what a good movie looked like.

It’s a shame about that whole “Die Another Day” thing huh?

1.) Goldfinger

How can this not top the list?? This is the very definition of what a James Bond movie should be: Sauvé James Bond (It’s Sean Frickin Connery!!), Sex innuendo sounding names for the Bond Girls (Pussy Galore is pretty hard to beat), Awesome one-liners (“No Mr. Bond; I expect you to die!), Bond saying funny things when people get killed (“Shocking…absolutely shocking” after electrocuting a henchman), Gadgets (Segal snorkel!) and memorable Henchmen (Oddjob!)

It was also pretty damn good, so it has that going for it too!

Other memorable Bond films:

On Her Majesties’ Secret Service- It wasn’t bad, but poor George only got one shot at it and had to be the first “other actor as Bond”…but it may have the saddest ending of any Bond movie to date.

License to Kill- James Bond goes rouge! Plus you can see a pre-famous Bencio Del Toro. Living Daylights was better in my opinion but that whole Cello case escape scene was a bit cheesy even by 80s standards.

Well now we just have a mere 368 more days til Bond returns, I think it’s time to dust off the DVD collection in the meantime

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