Spider-Man Officially Joining Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: A Spider-Man Fan’s Hopes For The Future

spider-man playIt has been less than 24 hours since Marvel announced that a deal was struck with Sony to bring Spider-man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Internet is still going crazy with the news! Prior to last night, Spider-man could not be used by Marvel Studios due to Marvel selling the movie rights of some of their more bankable properties to various companies long before they entered the motion picture game. This is why we haven’t seen Wolverine fight in the WWII trenches with Captain America, Reed Richards collaborating with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, The Human Torch and Spider-man hanging out or why Spider-man hasn’t joined the Avengers….Until now. Under the new agreement, Sony will retain the rights to Spider-man and still be able to release and distribute the Spider-man movies as well as having final creative control. However, now that Marvel can c0-produce future Spider-man films,  Spider-man can show up on-screen with Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers and the Marvel studios characters can likewise show up in a Spider-man movie down the line.  The announcement that came late last night did shake up the state of some upcoming films as some of Marvel’s previously announced Phase 3 films will now have new release dates and Andrew Garfield is reportedly out of the picture to reprise his role as the webslinger. Being a life-long Spider-man fan (I’m 30 and I gladly wear my symbiote hoodie to my corporate office job all the time and have a bin overflowing with Spider-man comics), I’m very excited with this news. Like most fanboys, I have a few hopes and desires of what hopefully comes next: (READ MORE)

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The Best, Worst and “In-Betweens” of 2014

2014Another Year is coming to a close which means that it’s time to once again post my annual “Best, Worst and In-Betweens” list for 2014. This was a year where protests over police and racial tensions intensified, ebola scared everyone, Gay Marriage being unbanned, mid-term elections and missing airliners. This was also a year in pop culture that saw some stellar movie announcements, gun toting raccoons and so much more! While there are some omissions due to this list being written prior to their release such as the last adventure of Gandalf, Bilbo and Smaug with The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and some shows that I may’ve missed and not watched yet (True Detective, Fargo, ect) Here’s some of my picks for the Best, Worst and “In-Betweens” for 2014: (READ MORE)

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PopCultureAsylum’s Last Minute Halloween Costumes for 2014

jack-o-lantern1It’s now Halloween afternoon, this year everything falls on a Friday night; people are going to party on actual Halloween this year and YOU DON’T HAVE A COSTUME YET!!!! Don’t worry my slacker friends, I will once again give you my annual (annual meaning when I remember to do this) last minute Halloween costume suggestions.


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GABF 2014 Hangover: Brad’s Re-cap of America’s Biggest Beer Festival

gabf logoAnother year, another GABF (Great American Beer Festival) in the books and another taster cup added to the collection (my 4th year in a row!).  Another tradition of mine when it comes to GABF is that after my mild hangover is subdued with sleep and a big breakfast, I like to go back and rate some of my favorite beers from the festival. This year was pretty cool because it so happened to work out with ticket buying that a lot of my friends had the same session. I enjoyed the member session quite a bit last year in its more intimate setting (and glass tasting glasses) but it was pretty fun to run into many friends, meeting up to plan attacks and then separating only to run into other people we knew for Saturday Night’s session.  My number 1 goal this year was to stretch across the entire floor as I felt like I hung out in the Great Lakes region far too much last year and was already swaying by the time I started hitting the breweries of the southwest. I also stuck to my carefully planned list for the most part and I felt that it gave me a better experience. In addition I wasn’t too worried about pouring out the “meh” beers or being worried if I separated from my crew.

gabfThis year I wasn’t really feeling the hops. I’ve made strides in adapting to drinking hoppy beers in recent years. Especially, if we were to time travel and meet 2009 Brad, whom just survived his first Colorado Winter, after living in the desert meets plains landscape of Abilene, Texas for his first 24 years of existence. 2009 Brad was in the shallow end of craft beer and was dogpaddling to the deep end…actually that’s a pretty spot-on analogy because I’m absolute rubbish with swimming. Six years later, I’m proud to say that I’ve embraced the hops and drink IPAs quite regularly…still a shit swimmer though. However this year I drank only a few IPAs and focused largely on Sours and Barrel Aged Beers at the festival. It also would seem that this was the focus for several brewers as well, so I had lots to choose from. (CLICK FOR FULL RECAP)

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Going Beyond Evil Spock: Listing My Favorite Alternate Universe/Alternate History Stories

Parallel universesOne of my favorite tropes in fiction is that of the existence of an Alternate Universe/Alternate History. With real and mind-blowing scientific theories suggesting that there’s an infinitive amount of alternate and parallel universes that mirror our own; it leads to many “what if” questions and scenarios and naturally, those “what-if’s” can make for great story telling. These stories range from Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Sound of Thunder” in which a hunter goes back in time to kill a T-rex but alters the universe by accidentally stepping on a butterfly to Stewie and Brian’s multiverse traveling adventures  in Family Guy. It’s fair to say that the concept of Alternate Universes and Histories has made its impact on pop culture. Spurning from a recent small talk conversation at work with a few co-workers, I thought it’d be fun to list some of my personal favorite alternate universe/history stories found within comics, TV shows and movies (in no particular order):(READ MORE)

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Craft On Tap: Autumn 2014’s “Ultimate Autumn Six-Pack”

fall beersWhether you like it or not, Autumn is here once again. While it may be a few more weeks before the leaves change colors and the air grows colder, if you visit your local beer store you’ll probably notice that the pumpkin beers are already starting to take up some prime real estate in the coolers and on a few tap walls as well. While I’m more of a fan of sunshine, flip-flops and nice biking weather, Autumn usually heralds the arrival of some of my favorite beers. In addition, being somewhat spoiled by living in Denver, One of America’s biggest beer cities, Autumn also brings the Great American Beer Festival (aka my personal “SuperBowl”). So it’s usually this time of year that my love for beer becomes somewhat annoying to my non-beer drinking friends as I gush about various breweries, beers, and tap takeovers leading up to the event.

I decided that since Autumn is once again upon us, that it’s time to do another Craft on Tap entry (apologies for not doing one for Spring/Summer, I was dealing with job things).  I didn’t really get any correspondents this time around but maybe I’ll have a few for my Winter installment. To make this entry interesting I’ve added a new rule to this series: Your picks cannot be repeated if they showed up on a previous year’s picks that you have made. This keeps it fresh and more challenging. Here’s last year’s picks.  So call this “Ultimate Autumn Six-Pack Vol. II” if you will. If you need a refresher here’s the other rules for this series:

  1. The beers have been tasted (there’s so much beer, so little time/body limitations to try them all…plus it’d be bullshit to rattle off beers that haven’t been tried first). So in other words “duh!”
  2. The beers can be found in stores (there’s plenty of breweries that are “on-tap only” that I’m fiercely loyal to, but unless you live near us, this list won’t help you out much, plus it isn’t designed to provoke a “I have better places to drink than you” pissing contest), so these can hopefully be found in your local stores as well.
  3. The beer is distributed to Colorado. That’s where I’m located currently. This stipulation also obviously mirrors stipulation number 1. There’s plenty that I tried at the Great American Beer Festival and wish that came this way (I’m looking at you 3 Floyds, Sun King, Cigar City, Jester King, Heavy Seas and Brooklyn Brewery!!) Needless to say, I’m sure there are possibly some blasphemous omissions from the following lists, but there’s also a very good chance that it hasn’t been tried or made available out here. Plus you can sound off below in the comments!

Without further adieu, here’s my picks for Autumn 2014 (FULL STORY)

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PopcultureAsylum’s Must Watch Episodes For The Every Simpsons Ever Marathon

Simpsons_FamilyPictureThe Simpsons have been around for 25 years. They’ve been around for 4 presidential administrations (3 of which served 2 terms each), outlived numerous TV shows, and contributed to several pop culture history-making moments. In addition they’ve stared in several videogames spanning since the old NES games, had a Lego set, fictional food products to tie into their movie, and theme park rides.  The 552 episodes began airing non-stop yesterday on FXX and with the addition of The Simpson’s movie, it will take 12 full days to go through the entire catalog. Unfortunately sleep and work will likely get in the way of many fun episodes, so if you are the owner of a DVR, this is when you get to put it to major work. Although a few super-early classics such as “Stark Raving Dad”, “Flaming Moe’s”, “Bart Gets and F” have already passed through, there’s still plenty to be excited about in the coming days of the mega-marathon. Like many fans, I believe the show’s best years are definitely behind them, but staying on the air since 1990 is no small task….there’s people drinking in bars now that weren’t even born when the show first aired. So among reliving the show’s best days, it’s also kind of nice to see a few episodes that I’ve missed in the mid-2000s when I mostly stopped watching. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’ll be impossible to binge-watch all the episodes, so here’s a few of my suggestions for which episodes to catch during the marathon (or to DVR as some of these will be in the late night and wee hours of Friday night and Saturday morning.) (READ FULL STORY)

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15 Things That “I Love The 2000s” Apparently Didn’t Love…But I Did

2000sVH1 once again put on the rose colored glasses to take a look at another decade with their popular “I love the…” series. Previous installments focusing on the 70s, 80s and 90s became popular hit series. This time around we take a look back to a decade that ended just 4 years ago with “I love the 2000s”. It’s easy to argue that not enough time has passed for the nostalgia to settle in, but to be fair, I must point out that they took a look at the 90s in 2003 or so, which at the time seemed to be too soon to reflect back then.

However, one of the many problems with this new series is that they kind of already did this show back in 2008 with “I love the New Millennium” before the decade even ended which covered 2000-2007. I vaguely remember watching a little bit of it and not ever tuning back in for the rest of the series due to it seeming too soon to look back on things that happened only a few years before. So due to that desensitization,  I wasn’t as pumped for this new series as I remember being with the prior incarnations. As a pop culture blogger, I did my duty and watched the full series and while I’m glad that some events were covered, there were plenty of events ignored that I wasn’t too happy about. So here’s my list of what I felt like would have been great inclusions. (READ MORE)

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Dispatches from Denver Comic Con Day 3: Saying “Cheese” with Bruce Campbell and hearing the voice of Batman (and Tigger too)

IMG_3787Sunday is the shortest and final day of Denver Comic Con. It’s the day that the last of the big panels wrap before 3pm and the exhibit hall shuts down 2-3 hours earlier than the other days. Still reeling from yesterday’s awesome hurricane of events, I was glad that today was largely a “relax day” for us. Last year we had to show up a good hour ½-2 hours to score wristbands to get into some of the bigger panels like George Takei or William Shatner. This year, we didn’t have that to worry about, but just like the year before, Sunday we enter the con extremely exhausted after 2 days of celebrating pop culture. Despite the exhaustion, I still very strongly advocate buying a weekend pass rather than the single day tickets as it’s the better value. I also like having the option to decide if a certain day is a “panel day” or a “explore the floor” day. (READ MORE)

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Dispatches From Denver Comic Con Day 2: Talking weird mating rituals with The Oatmeal and Bruce Campbell!!!

iron giantDenver Comic Con has been around for 3 years and each year seems to get bigger and better. Guests change, vendors change, and policies even change. However, one constant is that Saturday has always been the definitive date of the convention. It’s usually when the biggest panels occur, the cosplayers are at their fullest numbers, and so on. Today was no exception. This was the day that the Con was in full effect.


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